Coffee & Hot Drink Solutions


At Planova, we offer a fleet of custom built, high output coffee & hot drink solution units. All fitted with “state of the art” coffee machines which are capable of producing up to a large number of coffee cups per hour.

This puts us at the forefront of coffee making technology, a necessity for high volumes of people where efficiency and service is key to making the event a great experience for the customer. These high output units in the right location are unrivalled, anywhere!

But it’s not just about good coffee, our units can also dispense other delicious hot drinks like tea, hot chocolate and soup.

Our bespoke coffee & hot drink solutions, enhance any store or office working area; this includes receptions, offices, showrooms, meeting rooms and break areas. Our combination of unit and coffee machine will enable you to bring the high street coffee culture, while improving your brand image whilst attracting and retaining the best customers and staff.

Many of our clients have installed Planova’s bespoke, modern and attractive self-service coffee & hot drink solution, improving the presentation and importantly the quality and range of drinks, thus encouraging customers and staff to be at ease within the premises, generating greater bonding and communication.

Some of the salient features of our standard ‘Coffee to Go’ units are:

  • Powder coated steel construction 1.0mm finished in black gloss
  • Coffee machine: Aequator model LV22 (RIO22) – 160 to 200 cups per hour
  • Milk chiller: Capacity 10 litres

These can of course be customised as per customer’s needs at affordable costs.