Protective Coating

Planova offers Protective Film that can offer long or short term protection against erosion, abrasion, corrosion, impact, UV light and vandalism on both rough and smooth surfaces.

Providing a durable barrier for many indoor and outdoor applications in metal finishing, building maintenance, aerospace, transportation and general industrial uses, this product offers fast application that doesn’t require any tools or special equipment.

Maintenance costs are also reduced because surface integrity is preserved which minimises the need for repairs or replacements.

Our wide range of Protective Film is recommended for the protection of sensitive surfaces against dirt, dust and damage which may typically occur during processing, storage and mounting.

We also have a wide selection of high performance foil tape products which come in a choice of conformable backings and adhesives. As well as meeting demanding applications in the Aerospace, Appliance, Transportation, Construction, Automotive and MRO industries, this line of tapes offers a number of other advantages.

Being resistant to flame, moisture, weather, UV degradation and most chemicals, foil tape is suitable for a number of different applications. It’s long wearing, tear and puncture resistant qualities also means that long-lasting and secure applications can be achieved.