Cash Payments Modules


Planova is a leading supplier of cash payment modules and offers quality fixed-width bill acceptors. Our high quality note acceptors virtually eliminate bill jams, and their high four-way acceptance rate ensures your customers complete their transactions first time, increasing your revenue and maximising your profits.

We also supply advanced cash payment modules which have the ability to retrieve important audit data giving you a better understanding of the cash flow running through your business. You can download transactions on lost sales, tubes replenished and the amount of money held in the changegiver.

Another major benefit is the changegiver’s ability to minimise ‘No Change’ situations and the amount of cash stored in the machine through its higher capacity, its flexibility and the intelligent auto float system. The auto float monitors transactions, and ensures the right quantity of correct coins in the tubes.

Features and Benefits

  • Advanced optical sensor technology and streamlined bill paths virtually eliminate bill jams
  • High acceptance rates and increased bill capacity
  • Four-way bill acceptance
  • Embedded sensors under a sealed plastic bill path reduce dirt build-up
  • Compatible with VFM3 and MDB interfaces
  • High security – advanced algorithms reduce the acceptance of counterfeit currency and ensureconsistent, high quality recognition
  • Reprogrammable flash memory for quick and easy software updates