Food Management System


Planova provides you with a wide range of complete Food Management Systems to maximize sales orders, manage the logistics of all food products, increase cash flow and apply fiscal controls.

Every food processor and distributor implements an accounting system, such as Intuit QuickBooks, to ensure fiscal control, but this is not enough.  An accounting system tells you historically where you have been, but says nothing about how to manage your critical operations today.

Amazingly, many food processors and distributors still take orders manually, manage spoilage by physically rotating inventory, track traceability through hand-written logs, price products based on average cost not actual cost, and manage the movement of all food product manually.

There is a better way – our range of food management systems, automates and integrates all parts of your company into one powerful system that connects your sales, warehouse, purchasing and finance operations in real-time.

The systems we supply comprise a number of features designed to improve the efficiency and accuracy of food operations. These are all user friendly systems enabling the automation of food management functions.