Signage Solutions


Our customers often come to us for inspirational signs and architectural signage that catches the eye and says it all. Planova believes that signs can be exciting as well as functional, we’ve proved that by supplying intelligently designed, ready-to-buy signage solutions can be affordable, environmentally friendly and extremely stylish.

From functional door signs, statutory fire and safety signs with a twist to contemporary signs fashioned from sustainable glass, metal, woods and acrylics and illuminated with LED brilliance, Planova has it all.

From corporate identity to information signage, Planova has solutions to suit the needs and budgets of every organisation.

We understand that signs welcome and instruct, direct and protect. They’re also instrumental in presenting that vital, positive first impression. Our Signage solutions are integral to brand identity. They help to enforce that strong statement about what an organisation stands for, how it should be perceived, what it represents.