At Planova we offer a full range of shop fitting services like shop analysis, shop design, site measurement, VAE, merchandising, category management, cost management, refurbishment etc.- taking your concepts and making them become reality.

To us, our shop fitting services mean the application of our diverse and high level skills and knowledge to finishing commercial interiors to the highest standards.

Planova is a company of great repute and experience and it occupies  a prominent place in the shop fitting and shelving systems industry, across the globe. Our high manufacturing and supply capacity coupled with our skilled workforce helps us to deal well with complete fit-outs of large department stores as well as single department refits in multiple stores.

We have the best craftsmen, foremen, designers and architects that carry out the highest quality contracts. A quick look in our services section will show you what we can do.

We embrace all technical developments in the industry – from our fully automated systems, integrated with modern machinery and modern materials, to possessing a total grasp of traditional shop fitting skills and techniques with speed and efficiency. We can do all that you would expect from a modern shop fitting service provider.