Shelving Systems


Shelving systems provide an ideal way of storing, organising and identifying small parts when handling component storage in retail stores.

With a wide selection of shelving systems and options, Planova can offer comprehensive solutions for any small parts storage or picking area; multi-tier shelving, mobile shelving, carton flow or sign and marking systems.

Our products for small part storage and handling provide a unique combination of performance, security and economy.

Our Shelving systems are fully enclosed and are designed to suit your ever changing needs. The flexibility of the product accommodates additions or alterations at any stage, with a minimum of fuss or disruption to your day to day operation.

From standard heavy duty galvanised shelving and longspan shelving, to the plastic storage bins for storage on the shelves, Planova offers something for everyone.

Our shelving systems offer supreme benefits and are of a far superior quality to that of common makes from other suppliers, but at highly competitive prices.

All our shop shelving is made of quality powder coated metal, heavy duty fittings and comes as flexible modular kits, which can be assembled in various ways to suit the requirements of all your retail store displays.

Salient Features of Planova’s shelving systems:

  • Large range of supermarket shelving and shop equipment including HDS-shelves Wire-shelves, NG-shelves, Acrylic risers, Bread shelves, Brackets, Ticket rails etc.
  • Easy to assemble
  • Heavy duty- These are wider and stronger than the standard uprights you can buy.
  • Choice of heights- we can cut them to any height for you.
  • Selection of retail shelving sizes & widths.
  • Quality powder coating and heavy duty fittings.
  • Full range of accessories including Uprights, Uprights with keyhole, Bracing bars, Wall strip, Wheel fitting, Plinth, Gondola frame etc.
  • Suitable for all retail stores such as, garden centres, convenience stores, supermarkets, pet shops, off licenses, petrol stations and hardware stores.
  • Planova satisfaction guarantee