Visual Attendance



Our shop analysis services offer all the critical store mapping and measurement capabilities required to make informed store layout decisions, resulting in floor plans that maximize position, performance, and layout categories.

It enables users to visualize the impact of merchandising and store operations objectives that affect aisles and the overall store layout. This also leads to improved communication with internal and external stakeholders. With Planova’s Shop Analysis services, you can:

  • Efficiently and effectively create and maintain store layouts
  • Optimize the position, performance and layout of merchandise categories
  • Align store layouts with category management initiatives
  • Get a clear picture of store performance from advanced reporting and analytics
  • Quickly execute planogram and SKU level changes
  •  Reduce investments in capital equipment

We deliver your teams an integrated design solution, driving increased insight and a higher level of space efficiency. By combining the shelf to the store you have an effective way to maintain current and future category and store layouts, accelerating the time between conceptual planning and actual in-store execution.

Consumers should notice products across your shelf set – not just in one area. Make sure your visual merchandising is as impactful as possible with the VAS – a web-based scanning tool that digitally evaluates the visual impact of design and rapidly displays a planogram heat map to help inform an optimal shelf design.

VAS helps ensure your high-value products are placed correctly to elicit a consumer’s attention in the crucial first few moments of sight. VAS also aids in a better understanding of the consumer path to purchase and informs the best possible product mix for maximum noticeability. Don’t let your product be ignored! Get seen with VAS.

VAS offers:

  • Convenient, mobile system for on-site planogram heat map insight
  • Verification of visibility of key messaging
  • A fast, low cost alternative to eye tracking
  • Comparison of multiple design options rapidly
  • Near instant consumer insight at your fingertips