Product Development & Construction


Product development requires an intensive study of product ranges within the retail sector.

In shopfitting product development, the creative signature of innovative designers is as essential as the meticulous work of engineers who make a study of functionality, materials, surface technology and statics.

In particular when it is a question of developing shelving systems, it is also essential to carry out an intensive study of the product ranges and articles to be presented.

An intensive product development combined with our many years of experience with shop equipment and fittings, furniture and shelving systems has helped us produce cost-effective, space-maximising, efficient and durable solutions, developed in conjunction with our clients.

Planova’s team has a wealth of experience as they are all long serving employees that have accumulated vast experience in the field of construction.

With access to readily employed company carpenters, foremen and plumbers plus an experienced and trusted sub-contractor pool, we are well placed to take on and deliver contracts of any requirement and scale.

All of our staff have many years in the industry working for main contractors and know many of our local clients personally. We pride ourselves on our non-confrontational approach and prefer to work through projects as a team, offering advice and assistance in all areas to reduce risk for all parties.