Total Cost Management

Planova’s innovative product design capabilities deliver rapid returns on software investment, easy integration across and within business processes, excellent scalability, and long-term business gains.

Our people are experts in retail and distribution best practices with the knowledge, experience, and skills to provide the best solution for each and every Planova customer.

Our Cost Management services include:

  • Budgetary Reporting
  • Estimates
  • Cost Planning

Planova’s cost management strategy also involves exercising stringent credit control and sourcing for materials overseas to obtain lower costs and better quality. At the same time, we invest into sophisticated machinery to work around tight labour supply.

Our aim is to fortify and preserve customers’ gross profit margins, so cost management is always high on our list of priorities. Input price pressures have always increased and will continue to do so. However, strong relationships with supply partners enable us to keep costs to a minimum without reducing the quality of our products.