Tobacco Walls


Tobacco purchases today look a lot different than they did only two years ago. Traditional cigarettes continue to face a rocky road as the market shifts toward increasing consumer interest in moist smokeless, flavoured cigars and electronic cigarettes.

To stay ahead of this changing marketplace you need a tobacco wall that gives you the flexibility to optimize your planogram to meet the specific needs of your customers and manufacturer incentive program

Planova provides a wide selection of tobacco walls to fit any budget as well as any decor. As a leading manufacturer of tobacco displays you benefit from direct-from-the-manufacturer pricing as well as a wide selection of standard, premium and custom display options.

Our adjustable pusher system allows for complete category management, allowing for different product shapes and sizes.  Whether it is packs, cartons, cigars, smokeless or any other tobacco products, our shelf configurations will fit any merchandising requirements.

Plus with more and more customer and employee theft of tobacco products we offer locking displays too, giving you the peace of mind of owning a secure and stable tobacco wall.

Planova’s tobacco wall designers and engineers have the category knowledge and experience to manufacture fixtures to meet your needs for signage, shelf configuration and security – all at a price that helps you make the most out of your tobacco business.